The spark to start this was an article I was reading one balmy afternoon in 2015 November about an actor I. and many film lovers across India, hold very dear for her acting and her roles as much as the conviction with which she played them: the late Smita Patil, and a sudden desire to watch all her films and those of the thinking -actors of Indian cinema from that era. A chance conversation I had with senior journalist-friend Mayank Chhaya over Facebook, turned to him suggesting why don’t I ‘show an entire city Smita films’. Until then, I had never ever thought of me being a ‘film festival doer’!

But that evening set into motion forces of the Universe and I landed up reaching out to people I had known or worked with during my years as a radio-television media person. Some wonderful people who I preyed on Facebook and cornered to ask ‘do you want to be part of a gang to do a film festival’ said a yes. And that mad energy and adrenaline, it must have been, to pull off a three-day and two-venue film festival in less than eight weeks that April.

Pickle Jar. Gratefully for us, the festival with nine of her choicest films across three days curated with conversations, was received very warmly both by Bangaloreans as well as the greats that graced it – Besides Mr. Shyam Benegal, Mr. Mahesh Bhatt wrote a note to say that the Pickle Jar film festival was one of the warmest he had been in, till date.

And that is what we aim to do: create programmes for you where the taste and flavour of what you watch and hear, lingers on long after you have left the hall… Like a pickle.

Vasanthi Hari Prakash