Pickle Jar Poll Express: Women Demand Freedom, Water and Toilets


Karnataka Poll Express: Women Demand Freedom, Water and Toilets

Three women in three regions of the same state, each with a battle of her own to fight every day. In central Karnataka, a woman whose daughter has suffered in an abusive marriage struggles to have her voice heard by her own community.

In rocky Chitradurga district, where water levels get dangerously low, taps rarely give water and when they do, the quality of water often makes people fall sick. Whose political responsibility is it to provide safe water for people?

The Swachh Bharat Abhiyan has swept across the country, with an allocation of Rs 15,343 crore for rural sanitation in 2018. But has that been able to fulfil Ambika’s simple wish for a toilet in a village in Gulbarga?

About the presenter

Vasanthi Hariprakash is an independent journalist, anchor and media strategist, former special correspondent at NDTV 24×7. She is the founder of Pickle Jar, a platform to curate programmes and conversations of social relevance.


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